Affiliate Disclosure

At Hustle Strikers we help hustlers make better decisions so they can get real results instead of just spinning their wheels in the online wilderness.

We believe that one way to be a smart hustler is not ignoring easy opportunities to get paid for your efforts. After all, you work for it, right?

It’s what we teach, and it’s what we practice.

So let’s talk about affiliate links.

Affiliate Links

At times, When we recommend a product, we occasionally include a referral or affiliate link that directs users to the vendor's website. Basically, if you decide to buy a product you found using our link, the vendor pays us a commission as a small "thank you."

This commission may be worth a few dollars or a little bit more. If you sign up for a monthly subscription service, we might receive a portion of the monthly fee because sometimes it's a one-time commission and other times it's a rolling commission.

The crucial fact, however, is that the referral won't cost you a dime. The vendor pays the entire commission out of his or her own pocket.

Furthermore, it goes without saying that we will never endorse a product just because we receive a commission from doing so. After all, that would be dishonest.

Therefore, we only offer product recommendations for goods we have personally used or that have received high marks from peers we respect. (After all, if we only suggested products we were currently using, we'd be doing you a disservice because there are tools that are a great fit when you're starting out, but not when your blog is bigger like ours. Making sense?)

We'll add (affiliate link) after it so you can easily tell when we're using an affiliate link.

An affiliate link to our recommended blog host Sitelinks, for instance, looks like this:

Sitelinks (affiliate link)

Since it's possible that some links in earlier posts weren't marked as clearly as they are now, it's best to assume that whenever we link to a third-party product, we may receive a small commission.

All good? Great!

Thanks for reading, Make Sure to check our articles, Let Be successful Together:)

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